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We've havered enough, let's get to work!
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- Brouver Hoog, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Brouver Hoog was a dwarven elder and was the real authority in Mahakam. He resided at Mount Carbon and was known for his traditional and conservative view but he exercised his authority justly. He decreed that dwarven youths were not to join the Scoia'tael. His popularity was not universal though and many considered his authority too restrictive and at times quite controversial.

In particular, Zoltan Chivay expressed nothing short of contempt for Brouver and his policies.

Biography Edit

Brouver Hoog, elder of Mahakam, could be summed up in a word : stubborn. In times of peace, this obstinacy make him a difficult conversation partner...and in times of war, an unrelenting opponent.

The stamina of Mahakam's infantry was legendary. These dwarves fought day in and day out, in waist-deep snow, through hails of arrows and against overwhelming odds. In and of themselves, they were a force to be reckoned with. Guided by Brouver Hoog, they become unstoppable.

After a battle, human soldiers must eat, rest and bandage their wounds. Dwarves though? They wipe the blood off their faces and march onwards. It should thus come as no surprise that Mahakam armies don't contain many reserve divisions - there's simply no need.

A lone dwarf presents little challenge to a human foe: too slow to dodge a blow, too short to drag a rider from his mount. But when several dwarves fight side by side, forming their shields into a wall and fanning each other's battle rage... You'd best prepare your white flag and brown trousers.

Notes Edit

  • In the standalone adaptation of gwent card game, there is a leader card of the Scoia'tael deck that bears his image and name.